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The Trans Plight is in no Way Similar to Black Plight

March 21, 2015

“At the risk of sounding elitist, I find a parallel to breaking the color barrier in baseball. Prior to 1947, Major League Baseball was a whites-only sport. African-American players were assumed to be lesser. To prove otherwise, the first one to break the color barrier had to be excellent, to be able to put up with the abuse and do it with grace.”

STOP!  There is no parallel.

If you were not born black, you cannot become black.  No surgery, be it skin coloring, face shaping, hair transplants will make a non-black person a black person.  Any attempt to do so would be mimicking. It would be black-face.

It still amazes me how many people allow trannies to use the plight of black people as an analogy.  Black people  were/are denied because of their born-race.  The equivalent to that would be a person’s born sex.  Therefore, trannies would have to say they were being denied something due to being born male (white and/or black males. Black males included here, because within the black race, black males are valued over black females).   Yet, we, or at least anyone with a drop of sense understand that as a class, males have always been promoted and accepted for being males.

When trans- compare their plight to the plight of black people, they are essentially saying, “We know that you were born black, and there were rules and laws that discriminated against you, and still today when people look at you, you may face discrimination, but we can feel your pain. We are the new you.  Because although we were born in the oppressor class, males with penises, a group who has never been punished for being born male with penises, when we alter our appearance, take drugs, and wear stereotypical feminine clothes, we are fighting the same fight you’ve had to fight, — while you were your true self without altering your appearance or taking drugs.    People are hanging us from trees because we looked and/or whistled in a certain direction!  We have to take a test to vote because we wear dresses in the supermarket at 10:00 AM!  We are the new Jackie Robinsons.  Just the other day, a diligent trans refused to give up his seat to a pregnant woman.  Which of course she deserved to have to stand there, the fucking cunt-cow had the nerve to stand in front of that poor uterus-less trannie from the corner of Delusional and Demented all the way to Narcissistic Way and Wigs R Us! If that trannie is not the next Rosa Parks, then who is?!”

TLDR: When Trans- compare their plight to African-Americans they are claiming that altering their appearance through drugs and surgery is equal to being born black.

It’s Transphobic* to Advocate for Trans-Anything

March 12, 2015

If a trannie ever says he is a trannie, transgender, trans-sexual what have you, he is transphobic.  According to their philosophy, –their story that they are sticking to, they are women.  What woman do you know says she is a trannie, transgender, or trans-sexual?  She says she is a woman, or female.  What woman do you know puts trans- anything in her bio? Or reminds people she is a woman?  In what situation would I have to remind my friends and family that I am in fact a woman?

Are we staying in character or not, or is it only limited to females being forced to pretend like the males are in  character 24/7 when it is obvious that they are not?

It’s like the emperor fighting for the right to be naked although he claims not to be naked and demands that no one else calls him naked. “I am not naked.  I pass 100% for being clothed.  I advocate for being naked because you might think I am naked, but I am not naked, I just don’t have clothes on that you can see.”

Are you women or trannies?  If a male calls himself a trans- anything he is admitting to not being a woman.

Let’s take this to its logical conclusion.

What would happen if all males cease calling themselves trans- and begin calling themselves women, never again uttering a word about being a Trans anything? What would happen?  I know. I know.


Here is what the “woman” would get?

“Did you see that woman?!!! MAN, that is one ugly woman!”

“Dude, that woman is a dude!”

The trannie would have to live with the above.  He would have to go home and cry in his red wine alone.  Instead of getting online and venting about the TRANSPHOBIA on the street that day he would have to research some forum somewhere for ugly women.  Google something along the lines, “How can I not be an ugly woman.”  And get results such as, “Have you spent hundreds of dollars on moisturizers?” or “Are you getting fucked regularly?”  or “Did you remember to smile?” He will not get to go and make laws that hurt the sister, mother, daughter, wife, and/or lesbian cousin of the men who called him an ugly woman.  He will have to live with the reality that men on the street may call him an ugly woman. And he may get raped too.  When he reports the rape he doesn’t get to have the special treatment of a male pretending to be a woman, he will have to suffer the humiliation of not being believed and getting blamed for it the way real women are when they are raped — by males, of course. There is the benefit of not getting impregnated by a rapist, there is that.

If they did advocate on-line for women, it would have to be something that you know actually benefits women, like being protected against males.  What trannie have you ever met who was interested in advocating for women?  They don’t.  They advocate for trannies.  So again, or they trannies (males) or women?  Advocating for women without putting trannie-ism at the center would be too much of a selfless act for any of these males to tolerate.

These males keep one foot in trannie-world and one foot in character-world because they get to keep their male privilege.   If they never mentioned they were born male, transgender, trans what have you and stick with the woman story 24/7, they would be ignored on-line the way most real women are ignored on-line.

Aggressive males refuse to be ignored, therefore, they do and say what they have to in order to get the attention they want.

*Note:  I don’t really believe in the concept of transphobia.  I had to use a catchy title to bring the boys to the yard.  I love when they talk about me on Reddit.  It flatters my narcissism and prevents me from suffering from narcissistic injury.  Last time my narcissistic rage was triggered by an injury, I called in a bomb threat to my local Forever 21, set up a secret camera in the dressing room of a Victoria’s Secret, and stole a potted daisy outside of Supercuts.

Chase Bank and Fascism

March 11, 2015

Today I went into CHASE bank in order to make a cash deposit for a friend.  CASH Deposit!  Can you believe I was not allowed to make a cash deposit.  A cash deposit!  No, if you do not have a bank account with Chase you cannot make a deposit for someone else.  No, not cold hard cash.  No, you have to take your cash and get a money order (pay someone for the privilege) or write a check (give all your information so CHASE can mine your identity). You know why?  Because they want to track every little chocolate bar you eat.  They want to know god dammit.   They want to know where that cash is coming from and who is giving it to you.  The amount is of no significance.  $1 or $1000, you have to have an account or bring a check or money order.  Because they must have a record of you giving cash to someone else!  THEY MUST KNOW YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!

Because Probably He Is A MALE!

January 17, 2015


When men, especially white men are on their way out, they always find a way to reinsert themselves as the center of attention (thus power).  The mistake many women make is believing that males, like females have dignity (or working toward receiving and keeping dignity) and would not cross lines that any decent human would understand makes one undignified.   Males have no shame.  They only have focus.  Eyes on the prize.  That prize being having access to everything and everyone.  Nothing is off-limits.  If they have to perform gender to get into a female locker room, then they will perform gender (thus reinforcing gender stereotypes).   If they have to pretend to be a woman in order to have sex with a male and not suffer the very homophobia that their brothers have created and maintained, then they will do it.  If they think minorities benefit from being victims (although the word victim in itself denotes there are no benefits in being a victim, but males see anything and everything they do not have, for example the sympathy a victim may get, as a benefit denied to them,) they will find a way to create the narrative to make themselves the victim.  This includes dressing up and performing gender (thus reinforcing gender stereotypes) to demand the victim label.

Trannies are the worse sort of man. Trannies are men’s men.  Rape, pillage, plunder, and scorch the earth.  How much more manly can a man get?

Dear Laverne Cox and SRLP: Ebony Nicole Williams Matters

August 26, 2014

Laverne Cox puts extra time in to decide what dress to parade around Hollywood in, but could care less about the fate of little girls. 


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Raped and Murdered Little Girls Don’t Matter to Trannies

August 23, 2014


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Tranny (A MALE) Killed a Toddler

January 11, 2014

Mom was deemed too poor to keep the child, so the state handed the child over to his felon father who in turn handed the child over to a crazy ass tranny (a male born with a dick and hates anyone who don’t go along with his delusion of being a woman).  Probably the toddler kept relying on his instincts and calling the brute a man and the man murdered him for it.  Fucking trannies. They need major mental health.