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What Anti-Abortion Is All About, Part I

May 5, 2018

Iowa has now made it almost impossible for its female residents to have an abortion.

If you have read my blog long enough, you will see that in the twelve years that I’ve had this blog,  I barely ever talk about abortion.  For the most part, I don’t talk about it because I don’t want to think about it , and because now that I am of an age that I will never need an abortion, it isn’t the first thought on my mind most days.

However, because I have a teenage daughter and a young granddaughter (by my first daughter) , both who may need an abortion one day, I can’t dismiss the necessity in having access to abortion simply because I will no longer be in a situation that calls for an abortion.

I don’t like thinking of needing an abortion because the very thought, as a female is triggering.  I suspect it would be triggering for many women whether she has had an abortion or not.  The reality of being in a position of needing an abortion is weaved right there in our female biology.  Females can and do become pregnant.  Females are females, thus women because of their biological sex.  Any argument bringing in infertile women to justify identifying a male as a woman is nothing more than pointing to an outlier and assigning it as a characteristic of the majority. Regardless of how unfortunate it is for a woman who wants children not be able to become pregnant, it does not negate the fact that the majority of childbearing age women can get pregnant.  Just a digression, but I am specifically referring to how trannies attempt to appropriate the reality of infertile females to justify their claim that they (as males) are really females because they are just like the infertile females.  Hunny, no.  Trannies cannnot get pregnant because they are males.

Because females are in fact human and capable of higher thought, something half the population (males) have treated them of being incapable of doing, many of these childbearing age women may not wish to be pregnant.  Hence, the need for abortion.

You can argue that women use abortion as birth control, you can argue about women not being responsible by having unprotected consensual sex with males, you can argue about how a pregnant woman should suffer the consequences for not abiding by the rules that a patriarchal society has attempted to dictate to her, and none of those arguments will do anything but reveal what a tool for the patriarchy that you are.

The technology is there to perform abortions, just as technology has created a pill for old drunk males to get a hard dick.  I could argue that if a man’s dick can no longer get hard then it is nature’s way of telling him to fuck off and die.  But  in all honesty I could never lay that at Nature’s feet.  Most impotence is due to a stupid sod thinking his body can outwit man-made spirits (i.e. alcohol).  Instead of leaving the alcohol alone or spending countless hours digging into his subconscious and trying to figure out why he is compelled to self-medicate, it’s easier for his ass to take a pill.  Lazy fucks.  Laziness is scrawled in the bones of these men.

Anyway, my default answer about the attitude of anti-abortionists used to fall in one of the three categories (none of the three discuss abortion needed because of rape or incest because I’m not going to dignify that proposed refusal with an argument. It’s bad enough that women are denied abortions, but to deny her an abortion in cases of rape and incest is not only insane, it’s an attempt to force women to accept the minimum.  In other words, if they threatened to take away abortion for rape and incest then we will be more willing to negotiate abortion needed from consensual sex.  NO.  Just NO!):

  1. Anti-abortionists want an endless supply of underclass in order to fight wars that make rich men richer. The rich, and the middle class who adore the rich,  don’t want to have to resort to sending their own children to war.
  2. Anti-abortionists want to punish women for not being virginal. Which has always been insane, because a woman didn’t make herself pregnant.  Not only that, if she did “do it right,” and waited until marriage and had children, when that ends in one big “cock-up,” somehow that would be her fault as well. Which also means they don’t want women to have the freedom to have sex with any males other than a husband, because husband means ownership/containment.
  3. Anti-abortionists believe they should be able to tell women what to do with their bodies, because women are second-class humans. Essentially anti-abortionists would like to dictate every detail about a woman’s reproduction. When she can have sex, when she can get pregnant, how many children she can have, —I would not be surprise if males were to come up with a reproduction guide based on some arbitrary algorithm some porn-hub-politician created after a drunken night of trying to spew his Viagra enabled semen in some poor woman’s face.

Since I believe 2 & 3 are standard practices among patriarchal minded males and their handmaidens, I have typically settled with 1 as being the fuel that drives the whole anti-abortion movement.  When there is sexism, there is classism and racism.  When there is racism, there is classism and sexism.  When there is classism, there is racism and sexism.  The trio is as predictably revolting as celery, carrots, and onions are mandated in many of the blandest recipes offered in Good Housekeeping.

Having that in mind, the question remains, why in particular are anti-abortionists so fucking hateful, to the point of being master sadists? I mean why would you force a woman to have a pregnancy she clearly does not want?  Why are so many males and their handmaidens determined to make abortion illegal? Why, when a simple technological procedure can grant a woman’s choice within minutes?

More in my next posts.

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