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Invisible People Don’t Need Guns

February 22, 2018

People wouldn’t feel as if they needed a gun if they were invisible like me.

At first I didn’t believe I was invisible.  When I look in the mirror I see me.  But, maybe that’s how it works for invisible people, they can see themselves, while others cannot see them.

I first realized that I was invisible when people in the store would come right up to me in an aisle and reach right across me to grab something from the shelf.  Nothing else could explain this.  The aisle wasn’t crowded.  They didn’t say, “excuse me.”  They would just reach right across my body/face and get what they wanted.  Sometimes they would come and stand right there, right in front of me for minutes.

People cannot hear invisible people either.

People cannot feel the pain of the invisible.  I know this because sympathy is always withheld when I am in pain.  Sympathy is free, yet it is always withheld.  I cannot believe people would withhold what is free, so the only logical conclusion must be, that they cannot see my pain.

What else can possibly explain this other than I must be invisible?

When you are invisible the shooter cannot see you to shoot at you, therefore, you do not need to arm yourself.

Ye Miserable, Crawling Worms….

February 20, 2018

Whenever I click on to AROOO and read this to the right: “Ye miserable, crawling worms, are ye here again, then?……… I laugh to myself.

It’s so true.  You all come here, hungry, dying to read anything, something, it’s like food, some yummy and some full of salt, but you still come “Ye miserable, crawling worms.”

Here’s the deal, you can provide content too, but you are in prison, more of a prison than I am, and I am in a prison.  Your prison is that you still care what people think about you and on the internet no less.  I can understand if you had to deal with people in real life, like at work and/or during business transactions such as the loan officer at the bank, there you must hold your tongue, but this is the internet.

Yes, the same dangerous ugly ass internet that has been around since blogs starting thumping.

The fucking FBI couldn’t even find someone who asserted that he wanted to be a professional school shooter, yet you are afraid of saying your opinion. Afraid of the bad press?  Here’s a clue, no one gives a fuck about you.  I know.  I have one of the saddest stories out there, and the majority doesn’t care.  Because women do everything wrong and deserve everything they get, –so I have been told in action/inaction since forever.

I read on Feminist Current how rape victims have to be perfect.

Oh, honey, that reminds me of Rosa Parks and how the civil rights movement knew already how victims had to be flawless. They knew that their “victim” had to be the best victim.

I think women understand that everything they do or say will be dismissed as wrong, but they still don’t believe it, not totally, not to the heart of the matter.  Imagine the extent that extends to black women specifically, —never doing anything right, squared.  EVER!


People protect their opinions all the time.

You think men, white men in power entertain offering a platform in which everyone has a say. No, they do not. They protect their view.

Yet, you are scared to share and hear your own voice.


Because you may be called crazy, privilege, white, radical, dyke, lesbo, a TERF, racist, fag, faggot, low-shelf, anti-white, slut, whore, oppressor, an apple, fat, anorexic, etc. etc. LOL!  Life steadily attempts to kick my ass, why would I allow your words to hurt me, personally, <—-I mean, because god let’s not let some SJW come in talking about words and hierarchies and power.  We already know this already, you smug fuck.

You know what else; I like those kids in Florida.  I really do.  Everyone thought the millennials were going to save the world.  No, the millennials were too busy being internet SJWs and patting themselves on the back.  Now, the next generation came along and said, “Fuck this shit!” And, they are also saying, “We don’t care what you say about us, we aren’t going to melt into a pool of liquid goo.”

Those kids in Florida are what the Millennials want credit for being without actually being it?  And who would’ve thought Florida would be the where.  Florida, the drunk and perverted uncle at the picnic.

Connecticut had their chance with Sandy Hook.  God that was horrible. SO FUCKING HORRIBLE. Yet, like the rest of New England and the Upper East Coast they were all too in love with themselves and too busy bragging about how they weren’t the South to actually do anything.

What has this world come to?


“Ye miserable, crawling worms, are ye here again, then?

The Ubiquitousness of Uniqueness

February 16, 2018

Since the mass availability of the internet, unicorns and the image of unicorns have been corrupted and desecrated.

Throw in butterflies and fairies.

A moment of silence has been requested.

Below, Valentine the giver couldn’t bother to fill out:


Or wait, let me put my SJW hat on: “Maybe the child was from a disadvantaged home and those Valentines were all they could come up with, and no one was home to fill them out for zir, because the caregiver was working 180 hours at zir tech job, and trying to transition and supervise a Gofundme account while protesting why SNAP cannot be used to buy dog food and hot food at Whole Foods.  Just speculating because I haven’t actually experienced poverty, but I like playing along. #notallunicorns.”

ETA:  What did I tell you?  There is nothing unique about Lucky Charms.  Capitalism, baby.

Social Grooming

February 15, 2018

Of course school shootings are horrible, horrible, but does the answer lie in everyone becoming fascists while not removing guns?  I haven’t been to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) in about five months, however, the last time I was, there were signs (including on the Mass Pike) urging everyone to report any suspicious behavior that may be real or perceived.  Although I understand where this warning comes from, –the Boston Marathon bombing, I don’t like it.   It feels like social grooming.  Fascist conditioning.

I do think the individual and the government should work together.  However, I don’t like how the individual-collective is expected to do the job for the government.  A job that is disguised as protecting the people but in reality will further control the people.

In the Guardian today:

Former classmates of the suspected gunman, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder on Thursday, described him as “weird” and “a loner”, and said “everyone predicted” he would “do something”. Last year he was expelled from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland for disciplinary reasons.

Okay, Cruz was a weird loner that many people predicted that he would do something horrific and he did.  But what exactly is the message here?  Aren’t there some elements of, “We should’ve locked him up (or killed him even) before he did anything bad to anyone?”  If we did that, wouldn’t we be locking a lot of people up?  Hasn’t that been done in history already?

The article continues with a gem from 45.

In a tweet on Thursday morning Donald Trump made no mention of gun control, instead focusing on Cruz’s background. “So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior,” Trump wrote. “Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!”

First, I like how the word “president” isn’t used before Donald Trump. LMAO!

Now, I’m bored with this because it’s all just circular isn’t it.  Trump urges people to inform authorities, but to what end?  Will there be adequate non-criminalized help and guidance?  Will there be fewer guns?  Or will there be more people willing to tell on their neighbors? Snitching that will help the government control the people more than the people are being controlled now.

Have you ever had to defend yourself against an anonymous complaint from social services? Personally, I haven’t, though I know people who have.  Social workers, supposedly altruistic by profession, come barging into your life without a drop of compassion and armed with an arsenal of suspicion.   It’s not pretty.  Actually, funny that!  I say people, in reality it has all been women that I’ve known.  Women who had to prove that they were not neglecting or abusing their children.  And the government’s answer has been to decrease benefits and increase suspicion (everyone’s lying to get that $228 a month in SNAP for that family of 5!).

The hammer comes down harder on the alleged abuse/neglect of children (which I’m not encouraging a deaf ear when it comes to possible abuse, however, I do know that some people use reporting to CPS/DFCS as a tool for personal grievances and the government takes harsher action when they think you are trying to steal money from them to feed your children) but the option of taking the  guns away is off-limits.

I get ahead of myself.  Having the man evaluated is off-limits as well, because funding for mental health is essentially non-existing.  What is available is cruel, crude, and insufficient.

So other than creating a society in which everyone tells on everyone, what is the point in telling on anyone if there is no real assistance/help?


Trailblazing can be Lonely

February 14, 2018

Not to mention all the snakes, spiders, poisonous weeds one runs into when clearing the path.

My immediate thoughts after reading, this: India Willoughbys Not Men……..

Finally, finally, there are more articles (other than here at AROOO which will never be credited for any trailblazing thoughts because we have consistently expressed those thoughts wrapped in salt and vinegar a.k.a frothing at the mouth, instead of the socially acceptable method of applying gobs of honey and sugar to a shit sandwich) demonstrating that actual reading and listening is taking place when it comes to vomit that comes out of a trannie’s mouth.

Believe what people tell you! Trannies have been expressing their hatred for women as long as they have been jacking off in their mother’s underwear drawer.

It’s not that the trannies are only now exposing themselves, it’s women who are finally coming out of the fog of self-acclaimed enlightened adulation.  Trying to get people to actually listen and read what trannies have been saying (and doing) was like convincing a feline not to be attracted to catnip. The people who have been endorsing the trannie-agenda didn’t give a rat’s ass about trannies, they only cared about being able to shout to the top of the world that they were/are “tolerant” and “accepting,” and most of all “uber-progressive,” without ever actually listening/reading what these trannies were (are) peddling.

To be clear, trannies are peddling the total annihilation of women. Erasure. They don’t give a fuck about equality, abortion, equal-pay, lesbians, child care, pregnancy, sex-class oppression, —none of that real women stuff. Most of them are men who want to be relevant and to remain relevant.  End of story.  Don’t we all want that to some degree?  Yet, most of us, at least among the sane, understand that we are not all Olympian champions and if we were ever one, it is impossible to sustain that level for a lifetime.

The words, signs, and behavior have been there all along.   It’s like not being able to put a piece of furniture together, until you finally clear your head and read the fucking directions thoroughly.

It makes me think of that game, the telephone game.  Everyone knows it and talks about it and at this point dismisses it as cliché, but that game was created for a reason.  It was created to teach people that you must pay attention to detail.  You must listen.  You must note. You must not insert what you want/need to insert in order to make the outcome one in which you have pre-concluded. You must listen/read what is being said.  And if it is not clear, you must re-read and/or ask and ask again until you know exactly what is being said.

My heart even skipped a beat in the name of hope when I read this comment:

Willoughby refuted concerns that predatory men might take advantage of self-identification as a means to access women,

Do you really mean refuted?

Critical reading/listening skills are being employed,  —— on-line!

Glory, hallelujah!

Another example was from a comment a troll left on this post.   Of course the troll was whining but what made me delete the comment was, “your daughter’s friend…”  Well, I specifically said the story was told to my daughter from one of her friends.  The woman who took the Chinese food was not a friend of my daughter’s.  But see, this bastard needed to lump all players together in order to believe what he wanted to believe.   I just don’t have time for malicious misreading.  Careless misreading may be excused, but reading for an agenda, no, just no, suga.

Trannies are MRAs. If I wasn’t so humble (I can’t afford to be arrogant because I suffer at the slightest smirk I’m allowed) (even this post may cause me great harm today when I’m walking down some stairs) I would tell you that I told you so.

*I’m not referring to anyone at Feminist Current specifically, or even referring to them at all, more like the “feminist” blogging community in general.

Human Agency and Engaging

February 12, 2018

Anyone who has been on the internet with interest in social justice and/or social commentary must, by now, understand at least the rudimentary elements of human agency. At the risk of oversimplifying, it means to choose to act or not. That is, if you are physically and mentally capable. You have to throw in that little tidbit because there is always that one person who wants to ride in on the Obtuse Train and say, “uh, if I cannot speak and I’m paralyzed, then I have no agency.” Well, duh. The internet is one giant opportunity for that moron who never feels valued (even by the –self) to throw in a singular little hiccup. Great, now you have a triumph to relay to your great grandchildren, that is, if you can manage to procreate.

The above just to say, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Of course, if you decide to do or not to do there may very well be consequences. Yet, the risk of those consequences still do not negate the fact that you had a choice to do whatever it is you did or didn’t do. Here’s another little nugget, not everyone has the same degree of agency. First world has more agency than third world, etc. I can’t believe I have to say this, but I do, because I can hear the horn of the Obtuse Train rolling down the track as I type this. Children certainly do not have the agency that fully functioning adults have. Period.

Just like when I reached out for financial help when I forced my unfaithful husband out and we were left financially abandoned, people had a choice to help me or not. As much as it made me angry to see how many so-called feminist decided to not help, I still understand their right to refuse. What they do with their money is their choice. And what I think of what they do with their money is my choice. Just like it is my choice to share my thoughts here, where people consume them hungrily, because even though everyone else has the same opportunity to share their thoughts, many people find it easier to read someone else’s thoughts and use those thoughts for whatever than to put their own thoughts out there. There are more takers than givers. I suspect because there is more of a socially acceptable license to complain about a gift than to complain about giving.

Anyway, whatever. Today, I’m thinking about how the biggest resistance in my life has come from not engaging with people when those people wanted to engage. I’m not stupid, I understand that there are times that I will suffer consequences from not engaging. The older I’ve gotten the more selective, or I should say the more calculated I’ve become when choosing to engage or not. This can also fall in the realm of saying no. Perhaps that is why books and seminars have been written and conducted over the years focusing on teaching people how to say no. As an aside, I don’t think people have trouble saying no when what is being requested goes against the prejudices the person with the power possesses. For example, if a younger hiring agent wants to push the application of an older person to the side because he/she is prejudice against older people, then that human resource person has no problem saying no to that older applicant. And if pressed, will find excuses to justify the no. So most people don’t really have trouble saying no, they only have a problem saying no when it interferes with their impression management.

You may have guessed it, but I’ve gotten the most resistance from men. That’s right. Shocking, I know. Let me not engage with a male or say no to a male and all hell breaks loose. At this point, it’s as if I am beating a dead horse. Who doesn’t know this already? Oh, I know who,— men, young and old and women who have only experienced self-induced suffering.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to center on men, even though the following tale I am about to tell you has men in it. My first conscious moment of having my own human agency came when my older brother shared one of his therapy sessions with me. My mother’s male homosexual friend molested several of my brothers as children. This molestation occurred over years. I didn’t learn about this molestation until I was in my late 20’s. In addition to being molested, my oldest brother was repeatedly raped in prison when he was 18 years old. He served three years. My brothers have always blamed my mother. Because I used to be very angry at her for other reasons, I didn’t counter their blame. Instead, I listened. That was in the 1990’s.

My mother didn’t become anymore endearing even after my  my daughter died.  I make note of this, because I thought my sweetie’s death would at the very least bring everyone together and all of those years of pain could be forgotten or at the very least be filed as happening a long time ago.  Because if a young unexpected death can’t unite a divided family, what can? Turns out, it wasn’t until my mother’s own near death experience did she begin talking to her children better, like humans. Even though my older brother went along (chose to) with the two older men who robbed and subsequently murdered a police officer, he blamed his prison time on my mother. See, one of those horrible men was my mother’s lover. So, using my brother’s logic, he would’ve never known these men if my mother haven’t brought them into our house. The same with the homosexual pedophile. Again, when I first learned of this history I had little to say. But what has always stuck with me is what my brother told me that his therapist told him. He had wanted to approach my mother about his anger and let her know what had happened to him and give her a chance to apologize, ask for forgiveness, –I’m not sure what at that time he wanted/needed. I know that it didn’t go as planned. Instead, our mother got wind of him wanting to talk to her and she cornered him and demanded that they have it out right then and there. Because he wasn’t prepared, the discussion didn’t happen.

This is all old wounds though, and more of a matter-of-fact than painful at this point. Since he was not able to do anything but flee from our mother, he went back into therapy. His therapist told him, that the abuser does not get to decide when to engage. That’s it, that is the point of this long ass post. It’s also a point everyone should know already but I don’t think everyone does. Now, I don’t necessarily agree that my mother was the abuser, but that is a post for another time, and that conversation has been had with my brother since my daughter’s death. We have all been making efforts.

No one can make us engage. Engaging is a choice. If my engagement is not rewarded or encouraged with respect and kindness, then I most certainly will not engage. You cannot make me engage.  If experience has taught me that engaging with someone like you will more than likely end badly for me, I will not engage.

TLDR: You are not the boss of me.


February 12, 2018

You get what you get and now you can’t throw a fit.

I’ve never been rewarded for giving a shit.