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August 1, 2017

Let me tell you bastards who read this blog about yourselves.  Of course, I’m not certain who reads here.  I suspect it’s a combination of some type of feminist/social-justice-warrior, transgender (for lack of a better word), and/or family who is dealing with the transgender trend.

To the type of feminist/social-justice-warrior out there, I realize there is not much substance on the internet to read.  When something is label “feminist,” it is usually complete bullshit, such as that horrible article coercing women into accepting and claiming to enjoy anal sex.  You see the bullshit for what it is and you crave to read straight dope.  I get that.   I get that you come here and poach our thoughts without ever giving a shit who writes or has written here.  You can sum up this body of work however you want, and it will not change my mind that the one thing AROOO did accomplish in its writing is showing others that there is nothing to fear when expressing and exploring ideals and thoughts that have traditionally remained unspoken.

I can go months here at AROOO and not post a thing, and still get 100-300 hits a day.  And those are not googlebots either. They are hits from people all over the world. When I publish something it goes up to 1000 -1200 hits that day.  Yet, I get crickets.

As I purge through my house in order to leave an abusive marriage (while I’m scared to death and re-traumatized daily by the attorneys and the court system and the threat of homelessness), I have come across at least three letters/cards from women on the internet that I’ve helped.  No, at the time I did not ever expect to be repaid.  I was going through school and had extra money left over from my student loans and women expressed a need and I gave as much as I gave.  In all, I’ve probably contributed at least fifteen different times in the last ten years.  Call me a fool.  Yes, I’ve been a fool, because most people don’t give a damn, they just want to take from you (poach thoughts) and not bother to listen to your sad story when it’s your turn.  I get that now.


Throughout my tenure here at AROOO (on the net), Mary Sunshine has always been consistent, kind.  I remember when there were mean and nasty people who couldn’t wait to say something nasty about Mary.  But the truth is, she has remained opened, understanding, and most of all FEMINIST!   I remember when I emailed someone who used to present herself as the number one feminist separatist in the world to tell her that my daughter had died and she didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to my email.  Yes, Ms. I care about women, couldn’t even bother to send an email with an, “I’m sorry.” FRAUD.

I’m afraid I hurt Mary.  Which was never my intention.  Mary has always been the exception when I’ve expressed disappointment at the feminist world. She has never been my target of wrath. NEVER.

To the transgender who read here:  I don’t understand why you read here.  To me, reading here is like an obese person willingly going to a doctor who they know from experience is going to berate them with, “You are fat and lazy and it’s all your own fault.” Who would go to such a doctor on purpose? How exactly is being told that by a doctor encourages that obese person to change his/her diet and/or exercise routine?  It does not.  If anything, it causes the obese person to gain more weight.  I think transgender people have a mental illness. They need mental help.  It’s biologically impossible to change your sex.  You can change how you present yourself to the world, but you will never change your biological sex.  NEVER.

I believe transgender people come here because they are gluttons for punishment. I’m not interested in hurting anyone and I don’t like knowing that masochists use my thoughts to get off.  I am interested in empowering females who have always gotten the short end of the stick. When I discuss transgender it’s because their agenda is in direct opposition to anything beneficial to females.

But not really anymore.  Right now, I can only try to get myself out of this fucking mess that I’m in.   I asked for help by “feminists,” and for the most part, I was ignored.  I couldn’t even get a god damn, “I’m sorry.”  I see now it was never about women helping women.  It was about some feel good self-righteousness that never intended to do anything for anyone.

Therefore, have at it, poach away.

I will never post here again.  I am through believing anyone out there cares about anyone but himself or herself.   It’s all unkind and uncaring bullshit.

Yes, I know.  It’s all my fault.


Feminist Reprise

July 23, 2017

Functional Paralysis

July 21, 2017

People are scared.  The police are killing everyone and nothing is being done.  Not only is nothing being done,  there is a knowing belief in the air that nothing will be done.  Ever.

That is, if anyone stops to take the temperature of the air.

Frustration has turned into apathy.


Download protest apps here.

Experts have proven that the more concrete, the more flooding.  Cement trucks roll like thunder.

Plagiarize smagiarize

Crooks are saying they are crooks and aren’t even daring people to do anything about it, because no one has done anything about it.

Besides, if I am a crook so are you. Your white lie is equal to releasing chemicals into a populated village.

People are keeping their heads down not because they don’t want to see, they are keeping their heads down because that is what they are doing.  They can’t bother to worry if it is because they want to see or not want to see.

Caring is free but it is withheld. No one considers why they withhold, they just do.

None of your problems has anything to do with me.

Your problem is due to you doing this this this this and this. So, not my problem.

Village, what village?  The one with the cutesy B & B?

Numbness was once a reaction to previously feeling.

The numbness is now gone.

Help Needed

July 19, 2017

I know there is always a campaign in which someone is looking for some free money.  I understand this.  Typically, people give to campaigns they can identify with.

However, I am a desperate  woman, who really needs some help.  I need to get far far away.

If you are searching to help someone, please consider this campaign.  Consider sharing on your social media as well.

The first two donations were from my brothers.  My oldest brother paid my divorce attorney retainer.   I’m grateful.  It tapped them out though.

Where Would You Live?

July 16, 2017

If you were in the market to move to any state in the United States, and you needed to look for a job, and you had four children to consider, ages 7 to 18, what state would you move to?  Why that state?

No husband in tow.

If You Care to Know….

July 16, 2017

I am not dead.

I know, right.

Boo on you for thinking such thoughts.

The Southern Upward Creep

August 16, 2016

For years, non-southern white liberals have been patting themselves on the back about how anti-racist they are all the while pointing their fingers at those horrible southern racists. 160516161540-chart-metro-area-income-gap-780x439 Not to say the south hasn’t and doesn’t have their share of racists, but look at you now you racist assholes.

But, I know how this works, just how Missouri’s geography was re-purposed and named the “South” to separate what was happening there from the good liberals, soon Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington will be called the South.  No one can make boudin, sweet potato pie, and iced tea like those Minnesotans.

Eventually, the proud pseudo-non-racist-racists will be pushed into a crowded corner in a Manhattan Whole Food’s bathroom (unisex, of course!) and attempt to justify their disparities in pay with no more geographical fingers to point away the blame.  Bastards.

Chart can be found here.

I should point out that it’s not just snark that compels me to highlight this reality.   It’s to shed a light on how many excuses and for how long people have been on the “not me” bandwagon.  It is you.  Yes it is.  You cannot just point at those filthy southerners and go on about your business as if it has nothing to do with you. Soon the light will expose the west, the northwest, the northeast and all the rest of the country that enjoyed dumping on the South and framing it as if racism was confined to that area.