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Where are the Gay Males on This Locker/Bathroom Issue?

May 25, 2016

I will tell you where all the gay men are.  They are either vocally supporting the invasion of women spaces by pseudo-women or they are remaining silent and allowing people to interpret their silence as consent.  When trannies are out of the male bath and locker room it is win/win for gay males.  Western culture has basically accepted gay men (and there has never been the degree of violence directed toward gay males as there has been directed at women).  Sure there are pockets of resistance, but even in those areas there isn’t violence against gay males.   There is tolerance and sympathy for gay men, mostly I expect because almost everyone has that one gay relative.  Asserting this observation does not imply that I begrudge gay men.  Your sexuality is your own. It’s ridiculous that one has to constantly put in little disclaimers but with the nature of illiterates determined to jump to conclusions and/or take positions to the extreme, one must. However, I will assert that I find gay men to be terribly misogynistic.  It benefits them just like it benefits heterosexual males.  The male sex oppresses the female sex.

Trannies and gay men as a movement have a symbiotic relationship.  Trannies piggy back on the gay movement to steal away sympathy. By persuading (or by not correcting the assumption) the majority that most trannies are gay, they are able to push their deviant agenda.  We all know most trannies are middle-aged to geriatric heterosexual white males.  My god, can you fucking believe that a horrible pig in a wig who stopped having sex with his wife (because she refused to fuck a man dressed as a caricature of a woman, and she remained in the house with him albeit in another room, probably because the poor soul trapped herself into relying on his income.  Who knows) hired a surrogate to father a child (in his case twin girls) so he could have victims right in his home. No doubt he put on his full drag while raping those little babies (starting at 27 days old).  Of course that wasn’t enough for his exhibitionism.  No one could see him raping his daughters alone in his own room at home.   So, he had to take it further and post it on the internet for all the other disgusting mentally unstable need to be put down pedophiles to view and masturbate to (while in drag of course).  They say, trannies are harmless.   This, mon amie, is only one little example of the depravity of these men. You cannot make males as a class the center of all things and then expect them to go quietly in the night.  They will make themselves center stage and they don’t care to what extent they have to go.  Nothing is too morally repugnant if the goal is to have everyone looking at them.

The symbitoical aspect of the gay male and heterosexual trannie male unfolds like this:  Before trannies were able to get their agenda center stage, gay males were the target of male aggression in male restrooms.  However, as acceptance increased, that violence decreased.  Along came the heterosexual trannie (males with dicks intact who want to have penis in vagaina, (P-I-V) sex) and like the opportunistic narcissists they are, they decided to bank on the preconceived notion that violence would occur in male locker/rest rooms.  Even though most trannie violence is due to a trannie lying to a heterosexual male when offering a PIV sexual encounter or a trannie double-dog daring someone to come at them (such as when a trannie is being obnoxious on public transportation). And even in those cases, the trannie is gay and often a minority and most certainly not the white heterosexual male who wants access to women and children.  The victimized gay-trannie has been upheld as the poster child of trans-violence.  When in fact the majority of trannies are not gay.  Once again, white heterosexual males have exploited the black (and/or minority) plight and repurposed it for their advantage.

Therefore, the public has been hoodwinked.  All of this brouhaha about potential violence in the men’s restroom is only a preconceived notion without any factual backing.  Where are the receipts?  It has not been proven that heterosexual males dressed in female garb will be attacked in male restrooms. Have you seen these “tall gurls?”  Ain’t no body trying to fuck with them. Everyone knows they are crazy. Nevertheless, there are plenty of cases in which males dressed in typical women’s clothing have attacked women.

But the gay males remain silence on this issue.  Why? Because they are allowing women to carry the burden. As long as the pseudo-women are in the female locker rooms and restrooms the attention will be off them.  The possibility of conflating “feminine” male (not all gay males are feminine) with trannie will be non-existent in the male restrooms because the trannies will be over there with the women in women spaces causing them to suffer.

Trannies are (Becoming) Legal Flashers-Potential Rapists

May 23, 2016

Apparently, the trans-“in need of professional medical attention, one with caring and compassionate psychiatric medicine and therapy without the agenda of leading patients down the living a lie will make your life better path-community suppresses any topic about regret.  From links in the comment section at Gender Trender, I landed on a few articles that recommended books and stories about regret.  I don’t care about regret, not as far as males go anyway.  It is sad to read about a woman who has gone off the deep end and removed her breast and/or attempted to have a penis fashioned out of who knows what and/or pumped her body with horrible hormones.  That is tragic.  Tragic indeed.  Reading about how one woman was so disgusted with herself that she took advantage of Belgian’s accommodating laws for euthanasia was horrifying.  That’s the second euthanasia story I read in the past week.  The first was about a woman so traumatized over childhood sexual assault that she chose euthanasia.   How horrible of a life that male violence has made for these women that they chose death over living.

As far as human compassion goes, I do sympathize for a male who wakes up to realize the monumental mistake he has made in consenting to remove his penis.  However, that is not my fight.  I say this because I felt myself being sucked in (no one’s fault but my own, unless you consider the conditioning of my upbringing and existence in a patriarchal society) to wanting to raise the alarm for others like him.  I’m sure these males had so many red flags along the way. Perhaps some flags were slapping them in the face repeatedly and their arrogance coupled with the predominately male medical community blinded them to the color red.

Probably the main culprits who actively suppress SRS regret are post-operative males who want to share their misery. And of course, the lie has to be taken to the bitter and wretched end. In addition, I suspect males who never undergo any type of surgery help with this suppression as well.  Because they do have nefarious reasons and want to have examples to point to when they are trying to make their case to have access to females and children.  Actually having surgery for most cross-dressers is nothing but yap.  A red herring.  A MacGuffin.

It’s hard to shock a woman or child with fake-vagina vs a penis.  When parading around a female locker room (the new form of flashing) an erect penis can be counted on to be seen. Because instinctively, a woman and/or child will look away and get away, a post-op trans will find it more difficult to shock anyone with his surgical opening.

How many female flashers are out in the world?

Here is an article that demonstrates flashing as a no laughing matter after a male proves hurt by one. It is always like that, it is all a joke until a male is hurt by a flasher.  And of course, males will be protected from these flashers when they are no longer in their restrooms and locker rooms but in the women’s locker rooms and restrooms.  Having legal access to female restrooms and locker rooms means these males can flash women and children without repercussion. The article states that flashing is essentially the end of the road, –no harm, no foul.  However, there have been many publications since that argument that flashing leads to more deviant and criminal behavior, such as physical and sexual assault.  Here, here, and here. You could probably google some more and if you have access to an academic database find peer review articles asserting the same.

Actually since trannies are known to be violent,  I will surmise that these unstable males are already beyond simple flashing.  They are combination flasher and rapist. It is the shock and awe of sexual assault.

No wonder so many of them are ex-military.




The Charlotte Observer Does Not Want Your Common Sense

May 20, 2016

The Charlotte Observer published an editorial that reads like a journal entry from a pedophile.  However, after everyday citizens left rationale and thought-provoking comments that highlighted how the general population isn’t as stupid as many people want others to believe, but how creepy and predatory the editorial is, what does the Charlotte Observer do?  They remove the comments and disable any further dialogue.

The veil has been removed. The Charlotte Observer is promoting predatory practices by allowing this garbage editorial to remain without comment.   Their censoring is just half censoring, censoring the half who brings their agenda to the surface for all to see.


Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, etc

May 20, 2016

Who was it or where was it, the series, or maybe just one post or was it a comment, surely I haven’t imagined it.  But wasn’t someone in the radfem-o-sphere blogging about how the trans-cult brings back the dead or re-purpose the dead to further their agenda?  Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, etc.  I remember it was quite clever and hilarious.  Forgive me for not remembering I go in and out of the blog-o-sphere sometimes for days and sometimes for months and a few times for years.

Anyway, I think this case belongs with the others. Where were those posts?  Do you know?

Trans teacher to MPS days before suicide: “I’m being subtly bullied and it’s taking a toll on my health”

Ah!  I found it.  I should’ve known. 

The Gullibility of the Social Justice Warriors (SJW)

May 18, 2016

Most Social Justice Warriors are stupid.  They are stupid because they are mentally lazy.  When you are mentally lazy long enough then it’s over.  Lose it or use it, pal.  Take the mainstream media’s reaction to this pawn.  Where are the receipts regarding this story?  Aimee is claiming that the Babushka Lady accosted her in the restroom but has not said what she looked like.  Did the woman work at Walmart? Was she a shopper? Was she alone or had children with her?   How tall or thin or fat or short was this woman?  How was she dressed?  I’m sure Walmart could review the video tape and narrow it down to a few potential suspects.  They can hot-foot the playback when a pack of hamburger meat goes missing, so surely they can get to the bottom of such a national outrage that has been generated by this attention seeking liar.   Gender Trender has her theory and I suspect she is in the ballpark.   Why aren’t reporters trying to locate the 2016 Babushka?  The mysterious woman who caused this little angel to outrage on YouTube? Sounds like a media hoax, to me.

You have websites like Gawker driving this ship. They are the Social Justice Warrior Makers! Some guy claims fag was written on a cake and Gawker shovels coal at 10x the speed to burn a fire under minion SJWs to get the word out.  Yet, crickets when the truth comes out.  It absolutely sucks that only conservatives are keeping count.   Progressives better smarten up and stop letting these dumb asses embarrass everyone.

Mysteriously, Miss Aimee is no longer doing interviews or wanting any more attention.   Obviously, she didn’t think it through when she uploaded her little lie.



Listen UP Christians Who Argue with Males Who Pretend to be Females

May 17, 2016

You can make a better argument against these delusional males if you follow along with me in a few areas.

First: Don’t bring up the gay thing.  Just don’t.  Most of these men are not gay.  I understand why you would think it since they throw around words like gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual and pan-sexual and blah blah blah, but it’s just them talking with their forked tongues.  They are piggy backing on the gay movement in which they most certainly do not belong to. Most of these men are white heterosexual males who have had a life living with a wife and children, —a heterosexual male who was probably successful in his career and never had to worry about his next meal.  Most of these heterosexual males have always been the center of the family’s attention; the one everyone made sure was taken care of and had his slippers and his lumbar pillow.  These men are narcissistic and can no longer accept that since they are  getting older and the rewards of being the patriarch is no longer reaping the personal gratification that it used to, are now pulling this trannie shit to feel relevant again.  To re-center the attention back onto him. That is why you may read/hear them saying they are lesbians.  They want to keep their penis and their wife and prance around like a stereotypical hyper-feminized woman, the type of woman who men fantasize about. See, because when he does his little drag show we all look even if we are breathless with disgust at how low he will go to remain the center of attention.

So, remember this, not gay.  He is NOT gay.  I’m no statistician but I don’t see how any more of these males can be gay compared to the average of the general population.  So, if statistics are saying 10% of all males are gay, it is safe to assume roughly only 10% of these trannies are gay (as in, male with penis would like to have sex with male with penis) (The Washington Post is asserting that less than 4% of the male population is non-heterosexual). The majority of these trannies want to have penis-in-vagina sex.  They want their wives to say, “I’ll be mother dear with the tea, I mean penis, and you bring the vagina!”

Second:  The probability of a surgery happening in 2016 is low, very-very low. Minuscule.  The word has gotten out that there ain’t too much sexual pleasure without the penis.  Previously, some would state having their prostate rammed with a penis was pleasurable, but since many of them are not gay, it has been difficult to find a woman, a real woman willing to sit there and rhythmically shove an object up their butts.   The trannie will do all the surgeries and things that can be reversed or doesn’t matter if they are not reversed.  For example, breast implants.  Breast implants can be inserted and they can be removed.  Simple.  If he gets laser hair removal, that’s no big deal.  Hairy men haven’t been the preference or norm since the California Gold Rush.  Most of them won’t even take the hormones.  If they do, they will only go so far.  It’s the stupid narcissistic most likely homophobic parents pushing hormones on children who must be stopped.  This is child abuse. Those children are either gay/lesbian or going through a phase.  Society pontificates and litigates about the wrongness with sterilizing incapacitated adults, but are thinking nothing of doing the same to children?  That’s a big WTF parents! Below 60, F-, you are failing your children. If the mentally disabled human adult should not be sterilized just because, then children should not be treated with hormones based on some stereotypical notion of gender.

Third: Don’t go all religious zealot and discuss sex roles as in the male is the leader and the female is the homemaker.  Regardless of whether you believe this to be true or wish it to be true, if you want to fight the trannies you will have to bite your tongue on this. If there is a snare for you to get tangled up in it will be this if you start on about sex roles.  You will have the feminists coming at you (rightly so, if she is a proper feminist and not a trannie-handmaiden) and you will have the trannies coming at you using your religion against you while he appears to the untrained eye as a feminist ally.  All proper feminists know damn well, a trannie is not a feminist ally, proper or improper.  The trannie agenda is fundamentally in opposition to everything feminist. For instance, feminists don’t believe you must wear high heels and make-up to be a woman.  You Pentecostals know what I’m talking about.  Do the women in your church wear high heels and make-up? I bet you know who are women and who aren’t, don’t you?  Trannies act like women supposed to be airbrushed, high-heeled, pushed-bra(ed), and walking and talking like Bugs Bunny when he is trying to trick Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam into believing he is a female rabbit. Normal people will recognize how it is a plot device (be it a sexist one, but a plot device nevertheless).  Trannies and their “I’m afraid I will be called a bigot, and although I would never go out with one of these mentally ill men, I’m going to act like I support them” handmaidens will even claim Bugs Bunny is trans.  Not a plot device, but fluid-trans-Bunny. We have now left the map.

Finally (for now): Trans is a mental disorder.  Here is another area you as a religious being will have to compartmentalize your religion and allow science to guide you.  Science dictates male from female by biological facts.  No male under the sun will ever birth a baby.  He cannot because he does not have the biological equipment.  You may have read headlines on Oprah claiming a male has had a baby.  Not true.  A female with a vagina and ovaries and uterus had a baby.  She may have allowed her facial hair to grow out to look like a beard or used something to accelerate its growth and she may practice speaking with a permanent lower vocal register, but from morning sunrise to evening sunset, that pregnant person was a female.

No other mental delusion is entertained like the delusions of these privilege males.  NONE.  If I came into the psychiatric ward claiming to be a squirrel, my lunch tray will not be a pile of acorns. I will be educated and re-educated and re-re-educated on the reality of me being a human being and not a squirrel.  I will not be given a tree to hang out in.  Kind strangers will not come to the park and toss bread my way.  Tourists who have never seen a squirrel in the city will not take pictures of me. Squirrels may even come to the psychiatric wing en masse and slap the living shit out of me, as they should. And ask me what the fuck do I know about staying warm in winter and having enough food to survive and how to avoid predators. No humans will help me force those squirrels to accept me as a squirrel.  Instead, they will put me on anti-delusional drugs and probably (based on my insurance) have me committed.

TLDR:  When fighting the trans fight, don’t assume the males are gay.  Most are not. They want to get into female spaces to shock females, to reap attention and for some to do harm to females and children. Most keep their penis.  Don’t make concessions based on pending surgery, because the possibility for surgery is minimal. It will never come to pass. Don’t talk about what men should do or what women should do regarding roles in society.   That’s gender stuff. Stick with biological sex.  Sex-segregated areas are necessary.  These males keep their penises intact. Finally, remember these males are delusional.  There is no reasoning with a delusional person.  Don’t engage.  Simply demand from society that women are protected from these narcissists sociopaths by having safe sex-segregated spaces.   It’s not just about bathrooms.  There are locker rooms full of female students trying to change for swim competitions that have to deal with these trannies walking and sitting around with their dicks hanging out.  Not because these men want to swim and have to change into their trunks. It’s all about the thrill of forcing themselves on females and children. Forcing you to see them, hear them, have sex with them, be their victim, and accept their delusions. It’s about powering over female people.

He Just Wanted to Pee!

May 13, 2016


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