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Violence and Men Pretending to be Women

January 8, 2023

Almost any reasonable person would define violence (and/or the concept of violence) as an action involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.  There has long since been a universal understanding of what violence is and is not.  

Violence is brutality. Violence is physical.  

The concept of violence is not to be conflated with abuse.  Abuse can be manifested in several forms, physical, emotional, financial, etc. Of course, abuse can be violent.  However, abuse does not have the non-variability that the concept of violence has.

Violence is violent, –physical.

That is not to say that violence cannot be used figurately (as an adjective or adverb for an example) in prose or poetry to imply something other than physical violence. For example, violent emotions, etc. or a violent expression, “The wind violently whipped my face along the Chicago lakeside…” 

BFFR. You know what violence means.  

Thus, bringing me to my latest observation.  Men pretending to be women have yet again negated the violence that women suffer in reality by claiming that if one dares to use a pronoun other than the one he wants you to use, you are committing an act of violence. He is suffering from violence.  He should be compensated for the violence that has been inflicted upon his self-identified entitled ass.

See, a woman being brutality murdered for existing is the same as a man being called a “he.”


When a man stalks and kills a woman, he commits violence.  When the police kill black motorists, those police officers are exercising violence.

Men pretending to be women are not suffering from violence.  They are suffering from rejection.  Rejection is a reality that we all have to live with to some extent since the day we are born.

Actually, there are lists floating all over the internet of men who pretend to be women who are themselves quite violent.  One was recently executed in Missouri (…..convicted of stalking and killing a former girlfriend, then dumping the body near the Mississippi River in St. Louis.)

What’s Happening in America

June 25, 2022

A Must Read: What a White-Supremacist Coup Looks Like

May 16, 2020

On November 10, 1898, just after Election Day, white supremacists overthrew the city government of Wilmington, North Carolina, forcing the resignation of the mayor, the aldermen, and the chief of police. A mob of white people burned down the office of an African-American newspaper and killed an unknown number of black townspeople. An eyewitness believed that more than a hundred died, and a state guardsman recalled, “I nearly stepped on negroes laying in the street dead.” In “Wilmington’s Lie” (Atlantic Monthly), a judicious and riveting new history of the coup, David Zucchino, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting from apartheid-era South Africa, estimates the number of deaths at more than sixty. The conspirators went on to expel prominent blacks from the city—by means of threats in some cases, and under armed guard in others—and also white politicians unsympathetic to the cause. The plan was hatched in secret, but the conspirators were remarkably open about the coup once it began. A reporter from out of town marvelled, “What they did was done in broad daylight.”

No conspirator was ever prosecuted, and white supremacists went on to alter state law so as to disenfranchise black people for more than two generations. There were more than a hundred and twenty-five thousand registered black voters in North Carolina in 1896, but only six thousand or so were still on the books by 1902. African-Americans fled Wilmington in large numbers, decimating what had been a large, thriving community. Before the coup, the city was majority black—at one point, it had the highest proportion of African-American residents of any large city in the South—and had several racially integrated neighborhoods. A visitor from Raleigh remembered black homes as having pianos, lace curtains, and servants. By the time of the 1900 census, a majority of its citizens were white.


Racism Has Never Been Limited to the South

April 25, 2020

Racism has never been limited to the southern portion of the United States. Sneaky racist snakes have successfully been able to re-direct the focus on the south so as they can implement their racist agendas. It is passed time for the entire country to be exposed. The days of diverting by pointing to the south is over.

Remember my post here.,

Now we have senators in Michigan wearing Confederate face masks.

Let’s stop pretending.

Giving you the side eye too, New England and the West Coast. You are not fooling anyone.

Class Signifiers

July 7, 2018

Class signifiers are all around us.  And people use them too, most often by the people who benefit the most.

I was thinking today how simple, yet enmeshed, signifiers are.

Here is a perfect example, marked by the infinitesimal difference of a two-letter preposition vs a three- letter preposition.

“I work at Walmart.”

“I work for Walmart.”


Make Friends, and Help Stamp out the Culture of Discontent

June 8, 2018

Stop digging your heels in and judging people for not being exactly like you are, and make friends.

Accept people as they are and work around your differences.

When you drew the line in the sand, then dug that line deeper and deeper until it was an impassable ditch, you created your future loneliness.  Your future despair.

Your arrogance and smugness from “being right,” has isolated you.

If you feel lonely, it is your own fault.

Fortnite is not your friend.

The only scorekeeper is you.  Your points do not make you richer or more tolerable. Those won points are invisible to everyone else but you.

Join the world without bragging about how you joined the world.

Stop taking selfies, and photos of your restaurant food (it probably has too much salt anyway!) and it’s nothing more than flaunting.

I’m not dismissing you when I say you are not special. I’m simply stating that you are not special. I’m not special either.  The sooner you internalize that reality, the sooner you can begin living a rewarding life.

Stop demanding that the world revolve around you, and get in orbit.  YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL.

No one believes your “lifestyle” is as great and glamorous as you think people believe. If you convince others that your “lifestyle” is as great and glamorous as you portray, then you are responsible for their despair when their mimicking backfires.

Stop self-diagnosing.  If you need help, get help.

Yes, you have had a choice and you didn’t think of the future when you made that choice.  Start thinking about the future.

Be a friend.

Be authentic. Really authentic, not selfie-staged authentic.

Time is not endless.

Hypocritical White Boy Throws Privilege Fit at Catholic School

May 28, 2018

636631906664803089-Christian-Bales-megaphoneChristian Bales, the valedictorian of Holy Cross High School in Crestview Hills, Kentucky.

What we have here is classism, big time.  And of course racism and sexism (where there is classism, there is sexism and racism, where there is racism, there is sexism and classism, where there is classism, there is racism and sexism).

From Bales’ speech, “…. …Izzy, Juliana, Katherine and I fought to defend our history and relocate the Jefferson Davis memorial in the Kentucky State Capitol building.  Many of you went on the March for Life to protect the lives of the unborn, and the list goes on…. […] We must take what we’ve learned in this community and apply it to the world we are about to encounter.”

Translation:  Inflict our Catholic way of thinking on the world.

People get distracted when they hear how he wanted to talk about school shootings, or how he may have dressed less masculine than preferred by school officials, that he is gay, and/or his free speech may have been hindered.

Red herrings.

Yet he is forgiven for advocating against women. He is forgiven for his white supremacy. White liberal leaning people are contorting themselves to give this boy a high-five.  “But, but, but, but………..he’s gay and white and smart………so who cares that he is a sexist-racist twat!  He will grow out of that!”

Nothing to see here other than another racist-sexist-classist religious snowflake who insists on appropriating the underprivileged in order to center himself.

It doesn’t matter that this boy is gay (and trannie leaning).  It really doesn’t matter because his little privilege-fit at his privilege private education has nothing to do with the general populace.  This is classism.  He wants what he wants because he believes his social class should get what they want.

As my position regarding the lesbian girl who threw a privilege-fit when she wasn’t allowed to dress like a stereotypical boy at her prom, they don’t get to utilize the public to fight their petty social injustices.  The very same injustices that were set by the institutions that they willingly support(ed), while abandoning students who do not have the same resources afforded to them in public schools.  They make it out as if they are suffering due to being gay.  In my opinion that is wrong-headed for gay rights.  But, that’s not my fight.

They (people who whine about their catholic schooling) have no problem setting themselves up nicely for college placement but expect by turning to the media, the (great) unwashed to support them when they decide to bite the hand that set them up.  They have no problem isolating themselves from the public school children.   They have no problem using the private school to push their way up in a capitalist society.

Funny how the Catholic’s position on abortion doesn’t matter one bit to these people.

It’s another example how the less fortunate don’t mean jack all to the privilege until the privilege aren’t allowed to do whatever they damn well please.  Why couldn’t this boy and his mother keep their whining within the Catholic community?

Of course when he didn’t follow the rules, –submit his speech for approval, and then edit/adjust said speech, he decided to forgo all of that and pull a little stunt outside of the graduation because he knew the Catholic community wouldn’t tolerate his tomfoolery.

I don’t see a hero.  I see a boy who is setting himself up to be the next cross-dressing man who assaults a woman or girl for simply existing.  That and/or stealing water from some third world country and charging them for it while his wall street riches become astronomical.

The boy is a hypocrite.   Or to quote the man his family most likely voted for, “Nothing burger.” LOL!

Lending Texas my Thoughts and Prayers

May 21, 2018

Looks like tough talking Texas is rolling over and keeping guns above children, and flipping off Florida 🖕.

Gotta make that whore have that unwanted pregnancy though, if not, there won’t be any more students to shoot up.

Since Texas strategy centers on Thought and Prayers, particularly waxing on about how important it is that prayer is brought back into the classroom.  I had a think about that.  A long think and I have concluded, or attempted to translate what they are saying.  I have concluded that they are saying that the schools are unprotected without prayer.  That God refuses to protect the schools since no one is actively praying for his protection.

To do my bit, I “researched” (LOL, the gratuitous use of that word never gets old), and to help the kitties I have listed (and will consider self-publishing my plagiarized list if offered money and fame) what needs to be done to protect the schools, and how those  enchantments must be cast thoughts and prayers must be executed.

Purpose: Protective enchantments are spells used to protect an area that the caster wants protected. The spells that are cast usually last a long time and shield specific places that the caster intended to shield. There are many different types of protective enchantments.

Casting: In order to protect a certain place, the caster has to repeat incantations of charms over and over in the area they wish to protect. The spells circle the area and create a light effect similar to a heat wave around the protected area.

Known enchantments:

Cave inimicum

Disillusionment Charm

Fianto Duri

Muffliato Charm

Muggle-Repelling Charm

Protego horribilis

Protego Maxima

Protego Totalum

Repello Inimicum

Salvio hexia


May 19, 2018

“I’ve Always Kind of Felt Like Eventually It Was Going to Happen Here Too”

“Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.” — The Alchemist, by Paul Coehlo.

A school getting shot up doesn’t immune that school from getting shot up again, —Kitty.


Will every high school in the United States have a school shooter before the previously shot-up schools get shot up again, or will some of the schools that got shot up get shot up again before all of the schools experience a school shooting?

Exactly how is this going to work?  I need to know, I do  have grandchildren that will eventually attend high school, —not that middle schools and  elementary schools are immune.

My teenager made it out of high school before her school was shot up, –not to imply it has been shot up yet. But most of the students half-joked and half not and wondered  aloud where a particular student was on any given day.  One girl suggested an app be created to notify everyone of his daily whereabouts.  I reminded her that it could very well be someone else other than him who takes up the gun.  Several girls thought he was the likely suspect since he pushed a girl down the stairs and called her a whore, and the only explanation he had for doing so was that she was in his way.  His parents argued (successfully) that his 504 should be considered when it was time to dole out punishment.  Yet, I don’t know what else the school could’ve done.  We can’t go around and lock up people who we think may shoot up the school.

We can take guns away.

If every person who owns a gun in the name of hunting actually hunted I don’t think I would ever see a dead deer on the road.  The deer would be up high in the mountains hiding somewhere away from a Starbucks,  Buc-ees, Cumberland Farms, or IN-n-Out or wherever it is that great hunters must have access to for replenishment.  No hunter worth his salt would go to Dunkin’.

“Woke” White People Are Just as Racist as Sleeping White People

May 15, 2018

*ETA: Looks like the classist comments were sanitized and deleted.  Before, there was 100 comments, now there are  only 71, and many of those first comments were white people bragging about how they pulled themselves out of rural poor America so why can’t other poor whites do the same. Instead of leaving the comments there to show everyone how the “woke” white people responded to a piece that clearly demonstrates structural racism, they erased the comments to protect the image of being a site for “woke” white people.  HA! Can someone say, Fragility.


They only come off as different because they have learned what and where to navigate, until of course, they get too comfortable.

If you are a “Woke” white person and cannot point out racism without being classist against white people, you are revealing your failure to be what you claim yourself to be, —woke.

In other words, you are a racist.

You cannot be one without being the other.

Sexism, racism, and classism are all the same thing, only whose neck is being stepped on and how differs. And you can quibble about the varying degrees in various incidents/situations, but it still boils down to someone’s neck being stepped on.

Getting to the root of oppression is getting to the root of oppression.  You cannot stop at the point of the root that still has a sweetness that appeals to you; you must dig deeper to reach the systemic root.

“Woke” white people love to re-purpose anything and everything that will make them appear superior to whatever other they can utilize.  If it is out of fashion to use black people as the other then they will turn to whatever group that will serve their purpose. Right now, one of that other is rural white people who most likely voted for Trump. Although you (as a white person) may feel disdain for a Trump voter and think it is okay to point out many of their flaws, including and not limited to them (the rural white Trump voter) being racist, doing so in a way that mimics the oppressors does not give you a Get out of Racism card.  What I recognize when I see you do this is the same technique used by the oppressor for centuries.  The funny thing is, you didn’t need a training course in handling those tools, you picked them right up and wielded them as if they were familiar friends.

Surely, rural white America’s racism, hypocrisy, apathy and failure to assimilate into society without needing government assistance can be exposed and discussed without using hierarchies to demonstrate how you are superior to them.  Isn’t that exactly what those white racist rural Americans are doing when they expect to receive government hand outs without shame but find it acceptable to point the finger at inner city welfare recipients?  Or whatever code word that means anyone other than white people.

[None of the above implies that racism is over.  I am talking about the behavior of “woke” white people].

Many of the clearly classist commenters at The Slot’s link seem to see themselves as the “One,” the “exception,” the A.K.A. “Uncle Tom,” or should we say, Clarence Thomas, but in the white classism sphere.  They pulled themselves up out of the racist white rural South [South is always the default geographical location even though I saw and talked to so many racist white people in New England that it wasn’t even entertaining, and many of the commenters at The Slot are placing themselves in the Rust belt, but still, I have to point out that everyone loves to shit on the South for doing exactly what they are doing] by their bootstraps and by God they learned how to catch a city bus and order Starbucks without a country accent! They even use whitening toothpaste and suppress their sexual urges for their first cousin once removed.

Fuck right off, you classist, racist, sexist asshole.

The same behavior from “Woke” white people is revealed when anything and I mean anything is mentioned about Iggy Azalea [Using Iggy Azalea does not imply/infer that I support her behavior.  She is simply an example]. Abusing Azalea is cathartic and safe. The “Woke” white people get extra slices of cake, often from black people for sticking it to Iggy and they also earn anti-racist points. Those points can go a long way when they are delivering anecdotes about how superior they are to the rest of their rural family who never manage to pull themselves up and learn how to use a bus transfer.  Moreover, who can blame black people; particularly black women for criticizing Iggy Azalea?  After all, black women are human, and are capable of seeing the injustice with her promotion.  Hell, it has to feel good to have some support outside of the black community at times, and “Woke” white people are capitalizing on this.

But, that’s not my argument.

My argument is the “Woke” white people who attack Iggy for a couple of reasons. I’ve mentioned this behavior before, here.  “Woke” white people get to behave in a sexist matter and not be called out on it because the target is Iggy.  “Woke” white people get to accumulate anti-racism points when targeting Azalea because they appear to be fighting in the name of anti-appropriation (“woke” white people don’t care two straws about Iggy appropriating anything.  If they did, none of them would ever let up on Eminem or any other white male rapper.)

No, the pleasure gained by beating up on Azalea comes from Iggy’s femaleness, low-class signifiers, and hanging out with black people (mostly black men).

So many people love to beat up on women [sexism] (all women.  Here, at AROOO, defaulted women is not white women, but women)  and who makes a better target than “a piece of female white trash,” that “woke” white people can capitalize on.

Lower class status is always an easy target [classism], as you see by comments on The Slot article.

And ……ding  ….ding …ding ….ding, by targeting Iggy so viciously, there is an attempt to punish her for failing to uphold her whiteness.  It’s okay to have black friends, but it’s just a NO, a big fat punishing no if you immerse yourself and surround yourself with black people [racism] all the time.  For that, “Woke” white people must drag her endlessly.  How dare she jeopardize whiteness like that by electing to prefer the company of non-whites.


Remember, Classism, Racism, and Sexism all are fed and watered by the same roots.

Never underestimate how the oppressor will re-purpose.

Never underestimate how the oppressor will re-purpose.

Never underestimate how the oppressor will re-purpose.

If you want to do something about Trump’s racist policies, do something.  Finding a way  to hierarchize yourself over others does nothing for anything systematically.   It does stroke your individual ego though and it upholds, racism, classism, and sexism.  Well done.