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“Gender” Reveal Parties Expose Ideological Frauds

May 6, 2018

How can you possibly know a baby’s “gender?”  “Gender” is all about feelings.  <—your theory, not mine.  The baby will have to grow up a little bit and cry out for stereotypical colors like pink and/or blue, girl/boy toys, and/or girls/boys clothing.

Therefore, how can looking at genitalia intrauterine possibly identify the baby’s “gender?”

Oh, I know why, because genitalia are used to recognize sex, biological sex.  All the little frauds out there claiming they support “feelings” being the identifying factor had better not hold or attend a “gender reveal” party or risk revealing yourself as being a big fat fraudulent fool.

Gender is performance, and the only thing a fetus is performing in womb is his or her sex.

Some of the signs ultrasound technicians look for to determine a baby’s sex:

The Hamburger Sign (Girl)

When doing an ultrasound to determine the sex of your baby, an ultrasound technician will actually look for girl genitalia—labia and clitoris. When these are seen, it is often referred to as the “Hamburger Sign” because the clitoris situated between the labial lips looks like a hamburger between two buns, or three lines, where the labia would be the buns of the hamburger and the clitoris would be the meat.


The Erect Penis

Even as a fetus, baby boys can and will have erections. If you happen to be looking with an ultrasound during that time, you will see a very clearly defined penis. This obviously makes identifying a baby boy much easier. Seeing an erection may bother some parents, but don’t worry—it is normal for boys to have erections. You will notice these after birth as well, during diaper changes.

Parents better start thickening their skin now, because when your little Michael, fast forward 45 years, wife, children, McMansion, STEM or military career, retirement, knowing everyone by name at the local social security office because he is there begging and pressuring for a disability check, you need to be prepared for his wrath for falsely identifying him at your “Gender Reveal Party.”

Try not taking it personally when he says, “Die Cis Scum.”  Although that will only be directed toward you, mommy.   Daddy had no choice but to submit to your destruction of Michael-Macaroni (or whatever popular stripper name is being pushed about in 45 years) sense of self.

Keep the axes locked up.

Stupid idiots. Too much money and time on your stupid little simple-minded hands.

Why don’t all of you stop this fucking nonsense? It’s an ugly look. Unattractive. Intellectually grotesque.

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