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The Sprouts’ Reply To The Garden

January 5, 2008
Remember in Close Encounters of the Third Kind how the scientists developed a language to talk to the aliens by using a series of sounds, or would one call it music? I don’t remember much in that movie other than someone’s sunburned face, the pile of mash potatoes, some dead cows, and less than enthused parents (or was it just a mother) when the aliens gave back their child. Didn’t a father (Richard Dreyfuss) give up his family to heroically join the aliens? Not sure, because I only saw the movie once and it was the year it came out, at the theatre, and I was young and probably expecting to be scared so my eyes were mostly closed. I was wimpy like that. Now look at me, I can watch Midsomer Murders with the best of them, if not better. Anyway, when I first saw Momo’s picture labeled Garden I did not know what to say in the comment section even though I wanted to comment. Then on an another trip to Solvang (because Mr. Glendower just had to have their Farmer’s market tomatoes) I saw stalks of brussels sprouts for sale. Call me dumb but I did not know brussels sprouts grow on a stalk. I’ve seen cut off points each time I’ve cleaned them, however, I assumed it was cut off a stem. Then, it hit me, a picture of brussels sprouts would be the necessary form of communication to respond to Momo’s picture. Perhaps it was their colour. It must be another plant because something such as The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd would be inappropriate not to mention what it may imply, besides, pseudo-intellectuals have made its flippant usage cliched. Ha ha, hee. I love practicing pretensions. In addition to supplying a picture in response to Momo’s garden photo, I also have a crow response. The day on the picture claims 21 but I cannot recall the month, it was one day after swimming practice, so maybe June. It was back when we lived at the old place. We found a dead crow near our sidewalk and decided to bury it where it was. I will spare you the picture of the dead crow even though I do have one. As soon as I started digging the hole, one crow showed up and flew above me squawking loudly. By the time I had the crow in the ground an entire group was circling around my head. I don’t know if they were appreciative or angry. I swear after that when I went on a walk a few crows followed me. I was not worried because in a way it felt like they liked me.

*There is a drunk auntness to this post! LMAO! I tried for hours to post these pictures. The response would be “cannot make contact with blogger.” UGH. Now when I try to click to enlarge nothing happens. I quit.

  1. CountryDew permalink
    January 6, 2008 5:51 pm

    I didn’t know brussel sprouts grew in bunches on stalks, either, and I live on a farm. But I’ve never tried to grow them – no one eats them but me.

  2. momo permalink
    January 7, 2008 10:32 am

    What a beautiful picture! the clusters of sprouts are a great reply to the whorls of the succulent plant. Thank you!

    Crows are very social and very smart. Whether they were mad or not, they were certainly commenting on what you were doing! I read a fascinating book called Ravens in Winter about ravens (ravens, crows and magpies are all corvids, and share a lot of characteristics) by a man named Bernd Heinrich; he comes up with some pretty cool evidence for certain raven behaviors and tells great stories.

  3. Rent Party permalink
    January 7, 2008 1:38 pm

    LOL! Great tree and sprouts and stories. I love Solvang and the entire Santa Ynez Valley!

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